Nerve Treatment

Nerve Treatment

Nerve Treatments

Sometimes decays can get severe and reach tooth roots causing pain and infection. Nerve treatments or pulpectomy is the removal of infected pulp or nerves from your child’s primary tooth. If left untreated, the infection can spread to different parts of the body and even lead to teeth loss. Dr. Castillo in the COCO children’s oral care dental office offers effective nerve treatments in Nashville, TN. He is an experienced pediatric dentist who has been working with children for a long time, and he can efficiently treat them in a safe and comfortable environment.

Benefits of nerve treatments

The advantages of nerve treatments or pulpectomy are as follows:

  • The treatment is a cost-effective one when compared to traditional root canal therapy.
  • It is a less invasive treatment.
  • It helps your child get rid of pain caused by infected tooth roots.
  • It reduces inflammation.
  • The whole procedure can be completed in a single visit.

Who are the candidates for nerve treatment?

Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods/beverages can be the early signs of nerve infection. Also known as pulpitis, it is the inflammation of tooth pulp inside your natural teeth structure. Experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Castillo at COCO children’s oral care dental office, will recommend nerve treatment if she finds out your child is suffering from pulpitis. She will thoroughly check their teeth first, take digital x-rays if necessary and then decide the best option. For irreversible infections, your child might have to undergo a pulpectomy or tooth extraction.

Getting nerve treatment in Nashville, TN

Nerve treatment is carried out under the influence of local anesthesia, so it does not involve any pain or discomfort. Your child might feel teeth sensitivity for a few days after the procedure, but that will disappear soon.

If your child has tooth sensitivity, do not ignore it and contact Dr. Castillo at COCO children’s oral care dental office immediately. He will assess the condition thoroughly and plan out the best treatment solution. To learn more about our nerve treatments, please call us at (615) 470-5557.

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