Special Needs Dentistry & Behavioral Management

Special Needs Dentistry & Behavioral Management

Behavior Management and Special Needs Dentistry

Apart from the regular ways of maintaining oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, your child needs regular visits to the pediatric dentist for optimal dental health. Children often get anxious about visiting their pediatric dentist because they associate most dental procedures with scary equipment and a lot of pain, but it is not true. At COCO children’s oral care office, we strive to provide quality dental care for all children in a safe and nurturing environment.

We know that most children show a wide range of physical, emotional, social development and diversity of attitudes. As a pediatric dentist, one must have a wide range of behavior guidance techniques to meet the needs of each child and be tolerant and flexible in their implementation. Behavioral management is not an application of individual techniques created to deal with children but rather a complete, constant process meant to develop and nurture the relationship between the child and the pediatric dentist, which builds trust and eases fear and anxiety.

Behavioral management at COCO children’s oral care office
Our office involves different techniques that help alleviate anxiety and nurture a positive dental attitude among children. Dr. Castillo is a trained pediatric dentist with experience in behavior management. He understands infants’ and children’s dental needs and requirements and offers the treatment in a safe and friendly environment. He also treats special-needs children who need additional attention during a dental procedure.

Why is behavioral management in special needs dentistry critical?

Behavior dentistry from an early age will help children understand the need for dental care and prevent them from getting anxious. Creating an environment with trust and ease of fear and anxiety is the best way to keep your children returning to our dental office with no problems and make all the treatments more effortless and more efficient. Children with special needs are more vulnerable to get oral diseases. Dr. Castillo at the COCO children’s oral care office will also guide you with tips on taking care of your child’s oral well-being.

Special Needs Dentistry in Nashville, TN

Dr. Castillo is a trained pediatric dentist who has years of experience working with children and improving their dental health. Our state-of-the-art pediatric dental office in Nashville, TN, is equipped with modern technologies to make your child’s treatments hassle-free and efficient. Schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist by calling (615) 470-5557. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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