Your Child’s First Visit

Your Child’s First Visit

Your Child’s First Visit

When is the right time to take your child for their first dentist visit? Many parents are confused about this. If you are one of them, then read that the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that your child’s first dentist visit should be by the age of 1 year or after their first primary teeth have erupted, whichever is earlier. The first visit includes more curative treatments than the preventive ones. At COCO children’s oral care dental office, our pediatric dentist Dr. Castillo would give you information on the following topics during the first visit of your child to our dental office in Nashville, TN

  • Feeding practices to follow for infants.
  • Mouth cleaning instructions.
  • Pacifier habits.
  • Teething issues.
  • Tooth decays are associated with bottle feeding.
  • Ways to get rid of thumb-sucking habits.
  • Tongue-tie and lip-tie evaluation

The need for the first dental visit

Your child’s first visit to the dentist involves a lot of discussions and very little treatment. The visit would also help your child get accustomed to the new environment and not fear the dentist. COCO offers effective dental care plans for your child in a safe and friendly environment. We understand that children need extra care and attention during a dental visit, and Dr. Castillo works hard to give that.

The visit would include a thorough oral examination to check your child’s mouth for cavities. Our pediatric dentist Dr. Castillo will check for any indications of existing decay, and they will also discuss good oral habits to prevent them. He will also examine your child’s gums, jaws, and bite to identify potential issues. If our dentist finds any problems, he might ask you to get an oral X-ray of your child; if so, don’t worry as the procedure is safe. If required, he might also conduct teeth cleaning session followed by a fluoride treatment.

Benefits of taking your child to a pediatric dentist

Always take your child to a pediatric dentist like Dr. Castillo because we have experience working with children. Our dentist office in Nashville, TN, offers:

  • We have experienced pediatric dental professionals who take care of your child in a friendly environment. This reduces fear in your children’s minds and increases their comfort level.
  • We offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry services and decay prevention treatment.
  • We also offer emergency treatment in case of sudden pain or accidents.
  • We recognize the early signs of orthodontic issues and plan the treatment for your child accordingly.

While all dentists are trained to deal with oral issues, pediatric dentist Dr. Castillo at COCO children’s oral care offers additional care for your child in a suitable environment that makes them feel comfortable. If you are looking for a good pediatric dentist in Nashville, TN, contact us at (615) 470-5557. We are committed to taking utmost care of your child’s dental health.

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